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They needed another band for the Manchester gig and got the Buzzcocks in. This was the tour that was going to carry the punk thing out of London. When they asked us to do the tour, they needed us. After that, it was completely over the top. He opened a can of beer and shrieked: Tony Parsons, an NME rock scribe, was struck by how unexpectedly innocent the touring party actually was: Someone rolled a foot long spliff. There were so many of the punks getting battered. In the press office he saw a memo informing the PR team that they no longer had authority to answer any queries relating to the Pistols.

Punk sex galleries

And, as a result, they got booted off the tour. I loved seeing our pictures on the front of the daily papers. There was a violent element in the crowd and the glasses and bottles soon started flying… For the Pistols this was becoming a way of life. The bar at the hotel was so full of journos that the bands had to stay in their rooms. It was really tragic, but we learnt so much from it. Shutters on shop and pub windows, all of which were closed as if in anticipation of a full scale riot. We were in the background, locked up in the hotel room with the Pistols doing nothing. They were about to embark on the first full-scale punk tour of the UK. They amused me greatly. We were eating hotel rubbish but it was 2 meals a day. Some of them got in the hall and went round asking people if they were punks. There were so many football fans and lunatics throwing bottles from the top of the flats. Torquay and Paignton cancelled, so they played another night at Plymouth, to less than 20 people. Joe would not miss the arguing or the endless hotel rooms but: You knew the time had to come. Birmingham Town Hall — cancelled so they went to Cleethorpes. Malcolm phoned me up and asked us to come round… We walked into reception and saw Glen Matlock there on his own. Neither of us realised it at the time, but it was causing some friction in both bands, largely I think because of John Lydon not liking Joe Strummer On the Anarchy Tour: What kind of example are the Sex Pistols setting to children by being sick onstage? In the next issue of Sounds, he placed an ad: Tony Parsons, an NME rock scribe, was struck by how unexpectedly innocent the touring party actually was: The tour had now been reduced from 19 to just 3 dates and the Pistols checked into a 4 star hotel. So the Anarchy tour was headed for Leeds… ominous dot dot dot Punks in the audience for the Anarchy tour date in Newcastle. Something even stranger happened… the lift doors opened to reveal Steve Jones naked. The sound of breaking glass and abuse filled the darkness until the lights went up again, revealing a Rotten covered in eggs, flour and putrid tomatoes. The Pistols suffered quite terribly.

Punk sex galleries

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    When Malcolm returned to the offices of his company, he found that — due to all the ensuing headlines — promoters were cancelling gigs. The Clash played really well and did 2 encores.


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