Raising etheric field through sex

Other patterns are possible. He also noticed that areas of congestion could be cleared to release negative mental and emotional patterns and thus affect change. For more on this, read Introduction To Nutritional Balancing and other articles on this subject on this site. Sex trafficking and slavery is a hot commodity amongst these beings. It is wise to become aware of vampirism, but not to fear it. Free Enlightened Living Course: It is vampirism if you are not in control, and others essentially manipulate your energy field in certain ways to extract energy in a stealth manner. In many sexual encounters, only the lower two chakras are involved.

Raising etheric field through sex

Children were born by test tube instead of by sex and this caused a lack of emotional response as it affected more than just the sexual energy of their species. These kinds of orgasms are localized orgasms meant to open certain chakras in preparation for a full bodied orgasm. The program can also restore your natural energy and improve mental clarity, both of which are often necessary to give up vampirism. The Pleiadian groups who are in service to others out of love and light are helping humanity to be loving through teaching the power of human sexual energies. These include the physically measurable electromagnetic and magnetic fields generated by all living cells, tissues, and organs, and the body as a whole. When subtle energy flows sideways or upwards to some degree, the energy centers spin backwards or in other ways abnormally. The child either goes along and soon becomes a good little victim, or the child figures out what is going on and turns around and becomes a little vampire himself or herself. Transmuting this fear is just another step up the evolutionary ladder. The importance of sex organs to a dying race The Greys had a whole lot of sex at one time in their evolution. This is also a situation that will tear a condom. It is as though trauma separates a person from God or from the almighty source of energy with which we are all supposed to be connected. This also causes marriage problems, in some cases, because the other partner just does not understand why their partner is not too interested in sex. Because sex is ego driven and very physical, and telepathy is apart of our extra sensory perceptions ESP , there is no such thing as telepathic sex. This completes a circuit of energy [your Chi or Life force energy] that is now flowing and mixing deliberately with your lover, through your body then through theirs and so on, mixing and merging the spiritual essence that you are. Be patient with them. When we shift to the fifth dimensional vibration , we will continue to help Mother Earth shift into higher and higher frequencies. Therefore, you will only attract someone that loves themselves as much as you love yourself. The etheric body contains the blueprint for your physical body. These people have sex buddies, and when they want to shift and call it a relationship that shift will require a lot of focus and attention to turn it into a relationship. If you are in a relationship with a man, or if you have an honest friend, ask that the person stop you if he or she notices you are flirting in any way, shape or form. But this energy can be used to manifest whatever you desire, as well as to commune with God. If a couple is aware of it, they may be able to change it. My blessings to you all. An adult chart with a fast oxidation rate. This is related to the meaning of words and phrases such as uptight, mixed up, knocked up, stuck up, messed up, and other similar phrases. It is as though the energy that the person gives up opens the person to entity attachment.

Raising etheric field through sex

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    These and other theories have revealed the aura to have a fluid or flowing state; to be comprised of different colors, therefore frequencies; to be permeable and penetrable; and to be magnetic in nature, although it also has electromagnetic properties.


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